Pillow plate heat exchanger

Temperation of fluids

Pillow plates are used everywhere where liquids must be temperated. In dependence of application the liquids can be cooled or heated.

Cause of this wide range of applications pillow plates are used in the process industry, in the cooling industry and in a lot of other industries.  Pillow plates are also know as heat exchanger plates, evaporator plates, cooling plates /sheets and thermo plates / sheets.


Pillow plates as air-/water-heat exchanger

Additionally to the temperation of liquids pillow plates are also used as air-/liquid heat exchangers. In case of polluted or wasted air and if there are high demands for cleaning, more and more pillow plates are used as air-/water-heat exchanger.

The large exchange surface and the good possibilities for cleaning are important features for this type of heat exchanger.


Intensive temperature exchange

The large surface of the pillow plates is creating a good and intensive exchange of temperature between the fluid inside the pillow plates and the fluid outside of the plates.  Another advantage is the good possibility for cleaning.
Pillow plates are also used in the heat recovery (for example as river water heat exchanger)


Controlled circulation through individual welding points

Customized welding points are made on the plates with modern welding machines. Therefore you can get controlled and specialized channels of welding on the pillow plates. This guarantees the control of circulation of the fluid inside the plate between the flow and return.


Certified software and modern production machines 
After choosing the right type of heat exchanger, the technical dimensioning is made with certified software as well as a three-dimensional CAD model. The optimization is based on efficiency, economy and loss of pressure. The customer approved CAD drawing is the basis for production with modern computer aided production systems.


Available materials

We deliver heat exchangers made of following materials: 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571 and 1.4828. Special materials on demand.

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