Finned tube heat exchanger

Air heat exchangers as finned tube heat exchangers

Heat transfer between a gaseous media and a liquid
Finned tube heat exchangers are often called air/water heat exchangers or gas/water heat exchangers. Heat transfer between a gas (for ex. air) and a liquid (for ex. water) takes place in  the air-/water heat exchangers. To improve the thermal output transfer from the gas to the liquid, fins made of well heat transferring materials are put on the tubes. 
Very often air-/water heat exchangers are used as exhaust heat exchanger to gain the energy out of warm or hot exhaust fumes. Finned tube heat exchangers can also be used as air heater, air cooler or condenser.


Wide range of fins

In order to achieve as large as possible transfer surface inside the heat exchangers, fins are

put on the tube systems. The fins are pressed mechanically on the tube. Because of that, different materials can be combined. The pressed fins can vary in their materials, (for ex. stainless steel, copper, Alu) in the hight and the thickness of the fin and also in the distance between the fins. Depending of the application, these parameters will be defined. The applications for this type of heat exchanger are found in the process technology, food industry, air conditioning technology and many other industries. 


Heat recovery with finned tube heat exchangers

Very often air-/water heat exchangers will be used in the heat recovery. Warm exhaust air (gases) whiche were often put unused to the environment can be used efficiently with the help of air-/water heat exchanger for heat recuperation. In such applications finned tube heat exchangers are also called economizers. Other terms in this context are preheater or recuperators.


Certified software and modern production mashines 
After choosing the right type of heat exchanger we make the technical dimension with certified software and we create a three dimensional CAD modell. The optimation is leaded by efficiency, economy and loss of pressure. The approved CAD drawing of the customer is the basic for the production with modern computer aided production systems.

Technische Daten
Materials (Tube and frame)

1.4301, 1.4404 und 1.4571

Werkstoffe (Rippen)
  • Edelstahl (1.4301, 1.4404 und 1.4571)
  • Aluminium und ALMg3
  • Stahl vorverzinkt
  • Kupfer

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