Air-/air- heat exchanger up to 1.000°C

Customized air-air heat exchanger for the industry

(up to 1.000°C)


Hot outgoing air and cold incoming air
Very often hot exhaust gas gets out in the environment without any use. On the other hand cold incoming air must be lead into the production process and shall be warmed. This occurs for example very often within drying technology. In this case air-air heat exchangers can be used very efficient in heat recovery. As result you have great potential to save energy expenses.


Three types of air-air heat exchangers
The Anthermo GmbH delivers three types of different air-air-heat exchangers:


  • cross-flow heat exchanger
  • straight-tube heat exchanger
  • flat-tube heat exchanger


The technical figures (for ex. amount of air, temperature, pressure, waste of air) can be different for the air-air heat exchanger. Also the operating conditions and the environment conditions can vary from application to application.


For every heat transfer the right heat exchanger

We have the necessary expert know how for choosing the right type of heat exchanger for your application. The knowledge of more than 300 projects per year gives us the experience to choose the right type of heat exchanger. With this expert knowledge we can analyse your application and consult you professionally.


Certified software and modern production machines 
After choosing the right type of heat exchanger the technical dimensioning is made with certified software as well as a three-dimensional CAD model. The optimisation is based on efficiency, economy and loss of pressure. The approved CAD drawing of the customer is the basis for production with modern computer aided production systems.


Available materials

We deliver heat exchangers made of following materials: 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571 and 1.4828. Special materials on demand.

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