Swept outlet

Sweepolet - similar to ANSI B16.19/ANSI B 36.10

Swept outlets in the pipe industry
A swept outlet is used in the pipe industry like a welding outlet, a socket welded outlet or a threaded outlet for a 90° branch connection. A swept outlet is an alternative to a reduced tee. The assembling time for a swept outlet is shorter than for a reduced tee because only one borehole in the pipe is required. In this borehole you can weld the swept outlets.

The difference between  swept outlets and  welding outlets is the type of welding. A welding outlet is put on to the run pipe and welded afterwards. A swept outlet is directly welded into the run pipe.

Good pressure allocation
Swept outlets have been designed to get a best possible allocation between the pressure in the pipe and the forces of the pipe. Because of the benefical stress factors, swept outlets are often used in  highly stressed pipes of the oil- and gasindustries. Also in nuclear pipes swept outlets are often used.

Technical data
A swept outlets is determined by two dimensions. The dimension of the branch connection of the pipe and the dimension of the run pipe.  The dimension is acc. to standard specification, inch or mm.

A swept outlets similar to ANSI B 16.19 or B 36.10 is manufactured from  forged material.

WAZ (acceptance test certificate)
Of course, you may obtain a standard cert 3.1 with each delivery. Upon request, we are able to deliver a cert 3.2 (normally TÜV or other inspection institutions). In the 3.1 cert chemical consistenc and physical characteristics of the material are listed.

Standard and special materials
Anthermo is able to  deliver swept outlets in standard materials. Upon request special materials are also deliverable.

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We are looking forward to your inquiryOur qualified staff will gladly advise you.