Nipoflange in the pipe industry

A Nipoflange is used in the pipe industry like a weldolet or a nipolet for a 90° branch connection. A Nipoflange is a combination of weldolet, nipolet and flange.


Two different pipe branch connections
On the run pipe side  a nipoflange is designed like a weldolet. That means the branch connection on the run pipe side is a welding connection. On the other side there it has a flange connection. The flange connection can be designed according to customers requirements (acc. To DIN or ANSI).


Forged material
A nipoflange similar to ANSI B 16.9 or MSS-SP 97 is manufactured from  forged material. That means a nipoflange is a forged fitting without welding seam.


Technical data
On request further technical informations about nipoflanges are available. Other terms for nipoflange are weldoflange or flangeolet.


WAZ (acceptance test certificate)

Of course, you may obtain a standard cert. 3.1 with each delivery. Upon request, we are able to deliver a cert 3.2 (normally TÜV or other inspection institutions). In the cert. 3.1, the chemical consistenc and the physical characteristics of the material are listed.


Standard and special materials

Anthermo is able to  deliver nipoflanges in standard materials. Upon request special materials are also deliverable.

Nipoflange 2
Nipoflange 3
Nipoflange 4

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