Tube Heat Exchanger

(Smooth Tube Heat Exchanger)

Temperature exchange for gases

Tube heat exchangers are used wherever an exchange of temperature between two gases (normally air) shall be realised. Depending on the application the liquids can be heated or cooled down target-orientedly. This type of heat exchanger is also called smooth tube heat exchanger.


Heat transfer of waste gases

The air out of the production process is very often dirty. A performance reduction of the heat exchanger can be the result of accumulation of dirt on the tubes. Cleaning systems and spraying tools help to keep the surface clean without manual interventions.

If it is necessary the manual cleaning can be facilitated by a modified construction of the heat exchanger.

Individual technical dimensioning

Each tube heat exchanger is individually planned and dimensioned with modern CAD  and EDP systems.


Technical Data:


Materials: Pipes, coils and body
1.4301 (ANSI 304)
1.4404 (ANSI 316L)
1.4571 (ANSI 316Ti)
Galvanised steel upon request
Special materials upon request
Materials: Lamellas d = 16 - 21 mm, other diameter upon request
Surface Pickled, passivated
Manufacture/approval Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EG