Plate Heat Exchangers

(Plate Vaporization Systems)

Tempering of liquids

Plate heat exchangers are used wherever liquids are to be tempered. Depending on the application, the liquids can be heated or cooled down. This wide range of application allows plate vaporization systems to be used in the field of refrigeration, processing or installation plants in numerous industries. Plate heat exchangers are also often called pillow plates, thermo plates, vaporization plates or wine chilling plates.


Intensive temperature exchange

The large surface of the plates results in an intensive temperature exchange between the medium within the plates and the medium outside of the plates.


Controlled circulation by weld patterns

Modern welding plants produce spot-weld and rolling seam patterns on the vaporization plate thus enabling a specific and individual channel formation in the plate and granting the control of the medium circulation in the plate between flow and return line.

Individual technical dimensioning

By means of modern CAD and EDP systems the plate vaporization systems are individually designed and dimensioned.


Technical data:


1.4301 (ANSI 304)
1.4404 (ANSI 316L)
1.4571 (ANSI 316Ti)
Special materials upon request
Plates S = 0,8 - 5mm, Pa von 1 - 50 bar

Pickled, passivated

(e-polished upon request)

Manufacture/approval Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EG