Ice tank with 145.000 kg ice and 8.400 kWh

The task:

For a new big shopping mall in Zagreb the task was to establish a big ice tank which has the dimensions of a swimming pool. The requirement for the ice was to provide the cooling and climate machines of the single shops in the mall with enough cool water during the opening period. The production of the ice should be done in the night because of low price for energy during  the night.


At the same time the ice tank should be the tank for the fire sprinkling system. To make matters worse there was only a opening  with dimensions of 3 m x 3,5 m for putting in the single heat exchanger system.


The basic data and performance requirements are:


- Building dimensions:

21,3 m x 7,5 m x 2,7 m (L x B x H),

total 2 rooms

- Total performance: 8.400 kWh
- Performance ice: 6.000 kWh
- Performance water: 2.400 kWh
- Volume flow: 270 m3/h
- Temp. Input flow: - 6 °C
- Charge time ice tank: 9 h
- Max. charge performance: 990 kW
- Volume flow charge: 170 m3/h


The solution:

In order to meet the requirements it was chosen to install a tube heat exchanger. It is possible to reach a constant production of ice around the tube for this type of heat exchanger. At the same time you can also achieve a good and constant defrosting performance.


In total the complete ice tank consists of 12 singles tube heat exchangers systems with the dimensions of each system of 3,35 m x 3 m x 2 m. The tube has the dimensions 21,3 mm x 1,6 mm (ISO 4200) and the material is 1.4301 /AISI 304). Each single system consists of 1.060 m edged tubes.


The important facts of the complete ice tank are:


- Quantity of single tube exchangers 12 Systems
- Weight of each system 840 kg
- Tube lenght for each system 1.060 m
- Max. ice for each system 11.160 kg
- Max. ice complete system 133.920 kg