Ice Banks / Cold Water Plants

Universal application for diverse utilization

Ice banks are applied more and more in all kinds of industry. Besides the standard field of use in the refrigeration, air conditioning and commercial kitchen industries, ice banks and/or cold water plants are increasingly used in processing plants. Ice banks produce cold water for subsequent production processes thus providing stored cold.



Use of low-price over-night rates

Ice bank technology permits the use of low-price over-night rates thus noticeably lowerering cost of energy.


Pipe coils or heat exchanger plates

The ice production can be done with pipe coils or heat exchangers plates.

Pipe coil plants are the most common systems used in ice the ice bank technology. Ice is built up on the pipes by the refrigerant circulating in the pipe coils and can be ablated targetedly as required.


Modern heat exchanger plates have a volume depending channelling. This means that there is a minor pressure decrease when operated with refrigerant than with pipe coil systems. Further, with identical sizes  a larger transfer surface between the cooling medium and the water is enabled. With their large surface, ice banks with heat exchanger plates grant an essentially higher ablation capacity and/or cold provision.


Made of stainless steel

Ice banks and/or cold water plants are completely made of stainless steel whereat a choice of different materials can be made (see data sheet).

Individual technical dimensioning

Each ice bank is planned and dimensioned with modern CAD and EDP systems. We advise you whether to decide for pipe coils or heat exchanger plates for ice production.


Cooperation with Gesveb concerning  „Water-desinfection“

In a lot of ice banks and cold water plants water is chilled with high requirements concerning hygiene.
Keywords are so called Legionella and water desinfection. Since years we work on this field together with Gesveb ( located in Selm.


Technical Data:



Strong stainless steel construction

1.4301 (AISI 304)

Strong stainless steel construction

1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)

or entirely plastic

Isolation Approx. 80 mm PU insulation for environmental protection
Casing Insulated panels in RAL Blue or plastic
Water cirulation Air blower or agitor
Heat exchanger or evaporator

Plate or pipe coil system

stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4571

Cover Removable indulated panels in RAL Blue

Ice differential control type "Ranco"

Pre-installed sensot

Switch panel installation


Thermistor, ice water pump,

float valve