Heat recovery

Heat recovery in the industry

At a lot of locations in the production process industrial waste heat occurs which very often is not used and given away to the environment. Even more sometimes you have to spend additional energy to get the waste heat out of the production process into the environment.


Waste heat can exist in form of gaseous mediums  (like warm air, waste air) or in form of fluid mediums (like hot/warm water or other liquids).


With the help of heat exchangers the waste heat can be recovered and after that in form of energy put back into the production process where it is needed. The different types of heat exchangers offer a large range of heat exchange possibilities between the different mediums. So it exists an air-air heat exchanger, an air-water heat exchanger or a water-water heat exchanger. The application determines the choice of the type of heat exchanger.


The technical dimensioning and the calculation of the performance of the heat exchanger will be done at Anthermo with the help of special computer programmes.


With intelligent solutions in the field of heat recovery you can save energy on the one hand and on the other hand you can preserve the environment. In some projects of heat recovery the payback period was less than one year. In a lot of other projects the payback period was between one and two years.


The Anthermo GmbH has a lot of experience with projects of heat recovery. Based on these experiences we can consult you at the choice of right type of heat exchanger, at the dimensioning of the heat exchanger and at the calculation of the earnings.

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