Flat Tube Heat Exchanger

Temperation exchange for gases and fluids

Flat tube heat exchangers are used as air-/air- or also as air-/fluid- heat exchangers.

Flat tube heat exchangers are used where the air is polluted and the available space is limited.

Especially on the field of heat recovery there are a lot of applications to be used as waste gas heat exchangers.



Comparison between flat tube- and straight-tube heat exchanger

While the tube lines of the straight-tube heat exchanger consist of round tube, the tube lines of the flat tube heat exchanger have a special design (see the photo).

This special design has advantages in some applications compared to the round design.

Flat tube heat exchangers need less space at the same exchange space, because of this they are lighter. Also the pressure loss on the air side is less. An additional advantage of the flat tube heat exchanger compared to the smooth tube heat exchanger is the better cleaning possibilities. Because of the special tube design and the arrangement of the tubes in the heat exchanger there are less dead storage than in a straight-tube heat exchanger


Individual technical dimensioning

Each flat tube heat exchanger is individually planned and dimensioned with modern CAD and EDP systems.