Falling film chiller/ Sherd Ice Generator

Proven appliance

Flush coolers have been used for many years in different industries. Water runs from a case arranged above the heat exchanger plates over the heat exchanger plates thus enabling a continuous heat transfer between the water and the cooling medium. Falling film chiller are also called baudelot chiller or cooler.



Excellent benefits

By means of an opening arrangement in the upper case a targeted water distribution is achieved on the heat exchanger plates. Further, this design of a perforated case has the advantage of preventing contamination and achieving a consistant distribution of the liquid to be cooled.


Manufacured from stainless steel

The flush cooler is completely made of stainless steel allowing to choose from various materials (see data sheet).


Low boiling delay

Our flush coolers excel by the fact that the boiling delay in flooded operation is low whereat overheating can be adopted in dry expansion operation.

Individual technical dimensioning

Each flush cooler is individually planned and dimensioned by means of modern CAD and EDP systems.


Technical Data:


1.4301 (AISI 304)
1.4404 (AISI 316L)
1.4571 (AISI 316Ti)
Special materials upon request
Plates S = 0.8 - 1.5 mm, Pa 1 - 50 bar
Surfaces pickled, passivated
Pressure test Pressure test