Coaxial Heat Exchanger

Pipe in pipe system

Coaxial heat exchangers consist of two or more pipe coils conducted through each other and wound in a spiral form. The primary medium runs in the opposite direction to the secondary medium.


High efficiency

This counterflow execution achieves a rapid temperature transfer between the liquids at high efficiency.


Low maintenance expenditure

Another advantage is the isolation of both liquids from environmental effects. There is practically no cleaning or maintenance required due to environmental contamination. Further, the coaxial heat exchanger has no gaskets to be serviced.


Condenser or evaporator function

Coaxial heat exchangers can be applied as condensers as well as evaporators.

Individual technical dimensioning

Each coaxial heat exchanger is individually planned and dimensioned with modern CAD and EDP systems.


Technical Data:



Standard Cu/Fe or stainless steel

Special alloys upon request

Model Condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger, heat recovery
Surface Pickled, passivated
Pressure test In a water bath
Metrics 1/2" - 3", special sizes upon request
Type of connection According to customer's requirement
Pressure range max. 50 bar
Dimensions/construction According to customer's requirement