Air Heat Exchangers of Lamellae or Finned Tube Design

Temperature exchange for gasses

With air heat exchangers, there is an exchange of temperature between a gas (normally air) and a liquid. Very often air heat exxhangers are also used as waste-gas heat exchangers or smoke-gas heat exchangers for heat recovery.


Lamellae or finned tube

In order to obtain a rather large exchange surface between air and medium (liquid) inside of the heat exchanger thin plates defined as lamellae or finned tube are applied to the pipe system. This heat exchanger type is mainly used in the processing and especially in the air conditioning technology.


Heat recovery

Frequently, air heat exchangers are used for heat recovery. Warm exhaust air often emitted unused to the environment can be used effectively for heat recovery with an air heat exchanger thus saving the environment as well as cost. 

Individual technical dimensioning

Each air heat exchanger is individually planned and dimensioned with modern CAD and EDP systems. 


Technical Data:


Materials: Pipes, coils and body
1.4301 (ANSI 304)
1.4404 (ANSI 316L)
1.4571 (ANSI 316Ti)
Galvanised steel upon request
Special materials upon request
Materials: Lamellas

Aluminium + stainless steel,

S = 0.15 - 0.4 mm

distance of lamellas 2 - 12 mm

Surface Pickled, passivated
Manufacture/approval Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EG
Design Lamella or finned tube, smooth tube